Who we are!

The LCIE consists of a group of experts who give their time freely to help conserve large carnivores in Europe. The members bring experience from the fields of ecological and human-dimensions research, wildlife management, hands-on conservation, and from international conservation organisations. The members do not represent their institutions when working for the LCIE, thereby ensuring their independence. Where possible we have tried to maintain a wide geographic spread in our group composition.


Current Members of the LCIE specialist group



Luigi Boitani


Chairman of the LCIE

University of Rome, Rome, Italy

Contact: luigi.boitani@uniroma1.it


Henrik Andrén

Grimsö Wildlife Research Station, Sweden

Contact: henrik.andren@slu.se


  Alistair Bath

Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada

Contact: abath@mun.ca



Juan Carlos Blanco

Proyecto Lobo, Spain
Contact: jc.blanco2503@gmail.com



Urs Breitenmoser 

IUCN Cat Specialist Group / KORA, Switzerland
Contact: Urs.Breitenmoser@vetsuisse.unibe.ch


  Eladio Fernández-Galiano

Contact: eladio.fernandez-galiano@outlook.com


Djuro Huber 

Veterinary Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Contact: huber@vef.hr



Ovidiu Ionescu 

ICAS - Forest Research and Management Institute, Romania
Contact: o.ionescu@unitbv.ro


John Linnell

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Trondheim, Norway
Contact: john.linnell@nina.no


Pierre-Yves Quenette

OFB - Office Francais de la Biodiversité, France
Contact: pierre-yves.quenette@ofb.gouv.fr



Yorgos Mertzanis

Callisto - Wildlife and Nature Conservation Society, Greece
Contact: mertzanis@callisto.gr



Janis Ozolins

Latvian State Forest Reserach Institute SILAVA, Riga, Latvia
Contact: janis.ozolins@silava.lv


  Ilka Reinhardt

Lupus Consulting, Germany

Contact: ilka.reinhardt@wolves-germany.de

Valeria Salvatori 

Institute of Applied Ecology, Rome, Italy
Contact: valeria.salvatori@gmail.com


Petra Kaczensky

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Trondheim, Norway & Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology, Vienna, Austria
Contact: petra.kaczensky@fiwi.at


  Aleksander Trajce

PPNEA, Tirana, Albania

Contact: alextrajce@gmail.com



Dusko Cirovic

Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Contact: dcirovic@bio.bg.ac.rs


Peep Mannil 

Estonian Environment Agency, Tartu, Estonia
Contact: peep.mannil@gmail.com


Ilpo Kojola

LUKE Natural Resources Institute, Finland
Contact: ilpo.kojola@luke.fi

Sabina Nowak 

Association for Nature "Wolf", Poland
Contact: sabina.nowak@polishwolf.org.pl

Diana Zlatanova 

Sofia University, Bulgaria
Contact: zlite2@gmail.com

Manfred Wölfl 

Bavarian Ministry of the Environment, Germany


Guillaume Chapron 

Grimsö Wildlife Research Station, Sweden
Contact: gchapron@carnivoreconservation.org


Jon Swenson

University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway
Contact: jon.swenson@umb.no

  Carsten Nowak

Senckenberg Research Institute anNatural History Museum, Frankfurt,  Germany

Contact: carsten.nowak@senckenberg.de


  Manuela von Arx

KORA, Switzerland

Contact: m.vonarx@kora.ch

  Vaidas Balys
Association for Nature Conservation "Baltijos vilkas", Lithuania

Contact: vbalys@gmail.com

Robin Rigg

Slovak Wildlife Society, Slovakia
Contact: info@slovakwildlife.org

  Miroslav Kutal

Friends of the Earth, Czech Republic

Contact: miroslav.kutal@hnutiduha.cz




Marina Shkvyria 

Department of Scientific Research and International Collaboration, Kiev Zoo, Ukraine 

Contact: shkvyrya@gmail.com


 Klemen Jerina Klemen Jerina

Department of Forestry and Renewable Forest Resources, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Contact: klemen.jerina@gmail.com

  Georg Rauer

Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology, Vienna, Austria

Contact: georg.rauer@fiwi.at


  Francisco Alvares

CIBIO Research Center in Biodiversity and Genetic Resources, Oporto University, Portugal
Contact: falvares@cibio.up.pt


  Francesca Marucco

Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology, University of Torino, Italy

Contact: francesca.marucco@unito.it


Dime Melovski

Macedonian Ecological Society, Macedonia
Contact: melovskidime@yahoo.com



Arie Trouwborst

Department of European and International Public Law, Tilburg University, the Netherlands
Contact: A.Trouwborst@uvt.nl



Anja Molinari

KORA, Switzerland
Contact: A.Molinari@kora.ch



Silviu Chiriac

Environmental Protection Agency Vrancea County, Romania
Contact: silviu_chiriac@yahoo.com



Aleksandra Majic

Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana

Contact: almajic@gmail.com


Igor Trbojevic

University of Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Contact: igortrbojevic@yahoo.com

Laurent Schley

Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure, Luxembourg

Contact: laurent.schley@anf.etat.lu

Claudio Groff

Province of Trento, Italy

Contact: claudio.groff@provincia.tn.it

Nuria Selva

Institute of Nature Conservation, Polish Academy of Sciences, Krakow, Poland

Contact: nuria@iop.krakow.pl

Nathan Ranc

Fondazione Edmund Mach, Trento, Italy & Harvard University, USA

Contact: nathan.ranc@gmail.com

Luis Suarez

WWF Spain

Contact: lsuarez@wwf.es

Steve Redpath

University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Contact: s.redpath@abdn.ac.uk

Jonas Kindberg

Rovdata, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, Trondheim, Norway

Contact: jonas.kindberg@rovdata.no

Jennifer Hatlauf

Institute of Wildlife Biology and Game Management, Vienna, Austria

Contact: hatlauf@hotmail.com

Joachim Mergeay

Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Belgium

Contact: joachim.mergeay@inbo.be

Deniz Mengulluoglu

Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research

Contact: denizmengulluoglu@gmail.com

Konstantin Tirronen

Contact: konstantin.tirronen@gmail.com

Yorgos Iliopoulos


Contact: yiliop2@gmail.com

Miha Krofel

Forestry Department, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Contact: miha.krofel@gmail.com

Peter Sunde

Department of Bioscience-Wildlife Ecology, Århus University, Denmark

Contact: psu@dmu.dk

Aleksandar Perovic

BirdLife, Montenegro

Contact: aleksandar.czip@gmail.com

Nolwenn Drouet-Hoguet

OFB - Office Francais de la Biodiversité, France

Contact: nolwenn.drouet-hoguet@ofb.gouv.fr

Viktar Fenchuk


Contact: viktar.fenchuk@fzs.org

Bardh Sanaja


Contact: bardh.sa@gmail.com