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140 years after extinction: can bears return to Bialowieza?




140 years after extinction: can bears return to Bialowieza?

Brown bears went extinct in Białowieża Forest in the end at the 19th century. The last bear was killed in 1879,...
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A new overview of the eternal conflict between carnivores and livestock
Large carnivores have killed livestock ever since humans domesticated animals. This new overview...




Recognition for wildlife conservation
LCIE member Peep Männil from Estonia was recently awarded a medal, the Order of the White Star...

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A disturbing reminder of the freedoms that we take for granted

Author: John Linnell/Friday, November 23, 2018/Categories: News

Large carnivore conservation is often a conflictful topic in Europe as the reintegration of these species into the European landscape often challenges long established thoughts, practices and values. However, as scientists and conservationists in Europe we take it for granted that we can provoke, challenge and question authorities and interest groups without risk to our safety and freedom. Unfortunately this is not always the case in other parts of the world. Currently a number of our colleagues and friends in Iran are in jail, some potentially facing the death penalty, charged with using the normal tools of science such as camera traps in a belief that they were used for espinoage. There is an increasing international protest about their treatment, including a recent petition signed by >300 conservationists and scientists.


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