Draft management plan for wolves in Denmark

Author: John Linnell/Saturday, December 14, 2013/Categories: News

In November 2012 a dead wolf was found in Denmark. The first wolf in the country for 199 years. Since then photo and DNA evidence has confirmed the presence of at least two more wolves, one of which has been identified as a disperser from the population on Germany's border with Poland. In response to this wolf recolonisation the management authorities have developed a draft of a management plan. The draft has been produced by a working group consisting of the Danish Nature Agency and members of the Danish Wildlife Management Board (delegates from stakeholder organizations) with assistance from professional advisors from the University of Aarhus (biological issues) and the University of Copenhagen (socio-economic issues). Hence, the plan has been approved by the major stakeholder organizations representing Hunters, farmers, wood owners as well nature protection interests (Danish Nature Protection Society, The Animal Welfare Society, Birdlife Denmark).

Information about wolves in Denmark

Draft of Danish wolf management plan


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