Eurasian lynx kitten, Hedmark County, Norway

Eurasian lynx kitten, Hedmark County, Norway

Author: Roald Vang/Monday, March 20, 2006/Categories: Gallery

Eurasian lynx kittens are normally born in May, and a litter size of 2 or 3 is normal. This one is about 3 weeks old. Its mother (called "Hedda") was radio collared from 1997 until 2003 as part of a long term study of lynx and their main prey, the roe deer, that is being conducted by the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research. Every summer we  check the number of kittens born to radio-collared females to help learn more about the reproduction of lynx. It may be hard to believe, but 12 months later this "cute" little kitten was living independently, stalking the boreal forest for wild prey. Roe deer beware!

Text & Photo: John Linnell


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